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Trying to get back into the writing groove, so I tackled a couple of the five things requests.

for wendy: Five things Chris does to annoy Justin. )

for glockgal: Five pairing/combo aliases used by Sam and Dean (ie Hamill and Ford), that haven't already been used in the show. )

for kashmir1: Five Times Sam let Dean top. )

and a rec: The Devil's Gate by [ profile] hesychasm [SPN/BtCS/AtS, Jo/Faith, nc-17]

This fic seriously blew me away. I don't even know what to say about it. It's got a fabulous portrayal of Jo (as I said to the author, this is the Jo that I'd always hoped - and still hope - to see on the show), Faith is fantastic, as is Angel, Willow, Buffy, everyone! It's long and plotty and heartbreaking and gorgeous. I mean, I love the Jo/Faith aspect of the story (because, HELLO, HI HI HOTNESS), but it's the actual plot that makes this story for me: Jo, feeling a bit adrift and uncertain after BUaBS, makes her way to California, to the place where her father died, intending to clean it up. While there, she runs into some of the local Slayerettes, and gets taken in by them and Angel - and can I just say that one of my favorite images from the story is picturing Angel surrounded by hundreds of Slayerettes. Just...hee!

and, man, why don't I have any Buffy dvds? oh, right. box set. of course, that's been out for a while now, so...yeah. ::starts saving up::

p.s. - still looking for someone to sublet.
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la la la, pretend I did these, like, a month ago, la la la. um. I don't even remember who asked for them and I'm too lazy to look it up, so!

5 of Dean's tapes that Sam is fucking sick to death of )

5 of Sam's books that Dean has actually read and enjoyed and would never EVER admit to )
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Parents came up to drop off my car. Everybody please wish me luck in driving it tomorrow. Let's hope I don't crash or re-break my ankle or whatever.

In addition to the automobile, my dad also gave me DVDs he'd made of the first season of Ace of Cakes! I know you are all very very excited, yes? As soon as I figure out how to rip them and all that fun stuff, I'll throw them up and you can all see how awesome the sister is.

Finished off a few more requests from the five things meme:

for [ profile] musesfool: 5 Times Sam Cockblocked Dean )

for [ profile] kitchendinah: 5 things that would make Ruby Rhod absolutely DIE if his adoring audience found out )

for [ profile] arabiana: 5 Sounds Dean makes that force Sam to come )

also, from [ profile] inkdot: Reply and I'll give you a letter. Find ten songs that start with that letter and post them to your journal. She gave me 'G'. um. I'm too lazy to upload, but if you're really aching for a song, just let me know.

ain't nuthin' but a g-thang )

i am suddenly very hyper-aware of the plate in my ankle. it's kind of freaking me out a little. i'm even feeling a little nauseated over it. *_*

ALSO! OMG! Reading this article may have made me ridiculously happy. RIDICULOUSLY.
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I done been tagged by [ profile] cosmic: Name ten things (in no particular order) that make you happy and tag five others. (this is not a 24/7 happiness list, just the things that hold good right now)
1. Chocolate
2. Everyone who sent me a Valentinr and/or who said nice things about me at the Valentine's lovememe. (note to self: catch up tonight!)
3. My cat (still)
4. People who remember their manners and say 'please' and 'thank you'. gah! so annoying, people who don't and just take.
5. Getting out of work early.
6. These Sam/Dean pictures by [ profile] joosetta.
7. Finding out there will be a new Courtney Crumrin book out this year.
8. Knowing that very very soon, I will be seeing a whole slew of my friends whom I have not seen in a very long time.
9. The director's cut videos of this week's SPN. (yes, still)
10. The moodtheme I'm working on right now, even though it's takiing me forever.
Things that are making me unhappy: just the fact that I have things that *need* to get done, but, bah. Have been feeling little motivation and that's been making me also feel guilty. I suck. bah.

so, anyways. have more five things. because lord knows I didn't do any actual work today.

for [ profile] drvsilla: dean's five fave places to kiss sam )

for [ profile] cosmic: 5 times Marc and Amanda were arrested )

for [ profile] schneestern: 5 things you would never put in the Impala )

am I the only one who think that a SPN/Ugly Betty crossover could possibly be a brilliant thing?

dammit, I just wanted add this in and I deleted instead because I'm a spazz. BUT. This is another thing that made me full of glee today.
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I know everyone and their mother has linked to it already, but the director's cut for this week's SPN? GAH. just...GAH.

more five things. I'm not really doing these in any order, in case you were wondering why I haven't done yours yet.

for [ profile] drvsilla: sam's five fave places to kiss dean )

for [ profile] affectingly: 5 Ways to Make Dean Smile )

for [ profile] xingou: 5 Places Sam tried to refuse to have sex with Dean but failed )

and [ profile] sprklydncgrl tagged, so.

10 weird habits/things/little known facts about me )

and because I'm emotionally needy: My Valentinr - cathybites
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oh, I want this now now NOW. *grabbyhands*

In other joyous news, my dad called me to tell me that he flipped off members of the Westboro Baptist Church who apparently showed up in York to protest at some of the area churches. He sounded so gleeful about doing it, too. heh. I *heart* my dad.

and, y'know, I totally forgot to include the one question on the feedback poll that started me thinking about feedback and such. D'OH.

anyways, a couple of the five things requests. the 'easier' ones because I've been a righteous slacker all day. Although I did make progress on what will be GREATEST MOODTHEME EVER. or, at least I think it will be.

for [ profile] drvsilla: your five fave tom songs )

for [ profile] cosmic: 5 reasons why you are awesome. )

for [ profile] xingou: 5 favorite breakfast foods. )

for [ profile] schneestern: 5 icons you wish existed )

I still have no idea how I feel about the film version of Bridge to Terabithia. It just...I don't know.

Robert Goulet!!! I love this commercial.
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holy crap. I just slept for about eleven hours. huh. I guess I was kind of tired...?

I have some vague impressions of things that I'd dreamed about, but the one that stands out the most was being at MSG (except, in that dream way where it really wasn't MSG at all), watching a basketball game (wtf basketball?) with my girlfriend, and curling up next to her, her arm around my waist, fingers curled into the belt loops of my jeans. Which sounds really nice, yeah? Except for the part where I don't *have* a girlfriend, so when I woke up and remembered the dream, I was all grumpified. SIGH.

oh, and there was another one with my sister and me in Vegas, trying to find our hotel and not being able to because neither one of us could remember where we were staying. We weren't drunk. I *swear*. My sister and I are teetotalers, for real.

Anyways! I have a whole day ahead of me with no plans to go anywhere, so, because I love doing these and could use a break from all the things I have to do:
You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in the comments. (examples: "5 Times Sam Cockblocked Dean", or "Top 5 things to drink"). Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to all your Top 5 ideas, according to me. Serious or fun, fannish or not.
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I kind of really want someone to make a Sam/Dean vid to "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins. I wish I were kidding.

last of the five things meme.

for [ profile] bludrummergrl: 5 things that get Dean off )

for [ profile] unholyglee: 5 secrets the Weasley Twins keep to themselves or from each other )

for [ profile] queenbitter: 5 Things Chase Found Out About Gert After *SPOILER ALERT FOR THE COMIC, RUNAWAYS* )

still no SPN dvds. this is no longer funny.

also still not funny? two people were supposed to look at the apartment tonight. so far, one is a no-show. I'm thinking the chances are high that the second is one, too, just because that's been my luck lately.

and I finally got my new credit card so I went to register for my Korean classes and, oh, hey. the class is filled. so solly.

and my tablet doesn't work with my laptop. I mean, it works, but I can't draw with it. The lines come out all weird and everything is off just enough to drive me crazy. so I guess I won't be doing any commissions anytime soon.

anybody got anything to cheer me up? I'll gladly take it. that Sam/Dean vid would be a start.
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more five things meme things. still have a few more left to do, so if you want to tag me with a request, feel free to do so.

for [ profile] kitchendinah:

5 reasons why Molly is the best cat ever. )

Five things Jono regrets. )

for [ profile] glockgal: Five places Dean has always wanted to take Sam. )

for [ profile] queenbitter: 5 Things Molly (not my cat, but from Runaways) Wants To Do When She Grows Up )

stuff you should read do
* [ profile] spn_halloween for Halloween-themed SPN stories. C'mon, what could be more perfect? Gen, slash, het, horror, comedy, whatever are welcome, but if there aren't a few good ol' horror prompts in there, I'm a-gon' be pissed. It's been too long since I've killed someone off in a story.

* [ profile] spn_holidays gift exchange! Because you all know I believe there's no such thing as too many challenges, especially over Christmas.

* [ profile] 2lineschallenge being run by [ profile] shanalle! Multi-fandom, so I expect to see all of you sign up. yes? yes!

* brand new Hang the DJ mix cd exchange! Theme this time around is TEEN ANGST, MIDDLE SCHOOL, AND BACK TO SCHOOL FASHIONS. Fun? I do believe so.

still have no SPN dvds. this, coupled with recent events, lead me to no other conclusion than the world hates me. feh. shall watch my sister's tv show and try to feel better.
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I have discovered that sweaty fingertips + touch pad != good times. also, I miss the number keypad on the side. I always use it!

but other than that I completely in love with my laptop. <333

[ profile] balefully linked to a video that is apparently Jared doing an intro to memorable moments from America's Next Top Model. I say apparently because for some reason it won't play for me. BOO.

More five things memeness! I've been doing these a bit sporadically, so do not fret if one of your requests is missing! It'll go up soon.

for [ profile] bludrummergrl:

5 Things Dean would do if ghostbusting wasn't an option )

5 best pranks Sam and Dean ever pulled on each other )

for [ profile] glockgal:

Five TV shows you MUST WATCH, OR ELSE )

also, today is [ profile] estrella30's birthday. If you want to wish her a happy birthday or just check out the gifts that people have been leaving her (including a drawing of Sam and Dean in the backseat of the Impala *AHEM*), then head on over to [ profile] flipfloptwurl
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- wanted to do that '10 signs you're reading my fic' meme but I got 'the title is either from a song or really lame.  possibly both' before I had to give up because I couldn't think of anything else.  I always fail at memes like that, where you have to describe your writing style or whatever.  I should just make other people do them for me, except nobody ever does.  ::shakes fists::

also thought about doing it for art but again, what do I put down?  I know I have a somewhat distinctive style - people have told me that they can recognize my art - but I can't pinpoint what exactly makes it so. 

so instead I bring to you: 10 signs you're reading the journal of cathybites )

- check out the friggin' ADORABLE picture of Gohan and Aochan that [ profile] longleggedgit did!  SO CUTE.  seriously, there needs to be a cartoon.  the theme song could be something goofy like, 'When the sun's away and the sky is grey/I will not be afraid/In the dark of night I  have no fright/When you are always by my side/Because you are my friend/And I am your friend (yes I am)/We are Gohan and Aochan, friends to the very end!'  and of course it will be all j-pop and anime sound FX, sung by somebody trying to sound like a little kid with a bad accent.  or, oooh!  maybe Shonen Knife could sing it.

- lists, lists, more lists.  er.  actually just one.

Top 5 Places Where Ray Can Ravish Fraser, for darlita )

- link gacked from [ profile] cadi_b (who, by the way, has one of the best icons ever): Showtime entertainment president Robert Greenblatt told Variety that the cable channel is in talks to pick up Arrested Development from Fox.  OMGYAYES!!!
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- okay, people who would like to party in Spain with me!  I'd like to go either in May or June of next year, or maybe in September.  What would work best for you?  I'm thinking two weeks, going Barcelona - Madrid/Toledo - Sevilla - Valencia - Barcelona.  Might rent a car for the trip from Sevilla to Valencia just because the coast is SO gorgeous and it'd be fabulous to drive along it.  also, I'd prefer to stay in hostels just because I'm cheap.  except maybe for in Barcelona, if I can remember the name of the hotel I stayed at because it wasn't too pricey and it was right on Las Ramblas.  any suggestions/comments/complaints?

- sometimes I forget that Hank is dead in Ultimateverse.  and I think, 'when are they going to bring Hank back?' and then I remember and am sad.

- Top 5 So-Very-Wrong-But-So-Right Relationships EVER, for darlita )

Dean's five favorite songs, for ethrosdemon )
cathybites: (somebody shoot me) tells me that it is 15 degrees outside (-2 with wind chill). I don't have a thermometer in my apartment, but I'm guessing that it's probably about twenty degrees warmer than that inside. well, maybe a little warmer than that since I'm not seeing my breath, but it is DAMN cold. I'm wearing a hat right now, I'm so cold. called the landlord to complain about the lack of heat but I got the voicemail and haven't heard back from him yet. bah.

anyways. more lists. if you have any topics you'd like me to do, feel free to comment.

Top Five Favourite Foods of Dean Winchester, for glockgal )

Top 5 Things Ray Would Like To Do With Fraser, for karabou )

Top 5 reactions from Joey with regard to JC's sudden wing growth, for kitchendinah )
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- anyone who has ever ridden in my car can attest to the fact that I'm an aggressive driver (the best defense is a strong offense!). but living here in Jersey City? I am now, like, SUPER-aggressive driver. I manage to even shock myself at times with the way I drive. yikes. I might have to work on that.


- some of the lists from this post.

5 Greatest Videos in Hair Metal History, for spacedye_vest )

5 Ways Dean Babies His Car, for babyofthegroup )

5 Other Secrets Sam Is Keeping from Dean, for mellafe )

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