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I...thought I had posted last night. In fact, I'm positive that I did because I think I got replies to it, but now the entry is not here. WTF, LJ? um. anyways, I think it was just about a) 58 Ugly Betty icons that I've posted; and b) ficlets for that meme, the 'gimme a story of mine and a timestamp' one.
the morning after Aurora [dS, rayk/fraser]

three months after It Makes Me Ill [nsync, chris&justin, g]

nine months before the beginning of Origin of the Species [spn, john/mary, g]

five years, two months and eight days before More Human than Human [cw rpf, jared, g]

ten years after #3 from 5 secrets the Weasley Twins keep to themselves or from each other [hp, fred&george, g]
All of those are unbetaed, and all were written while under the influence, so, y'know. Be gentle.

In much more exciting news, I've just finished watching series one of Sugar Rush and, oh man. LOVE. so much LOVE. I remember [ profile] paintedmaypole telling me about the show last year or so, but I didn't think anymore of it until somebody else on my f'list mentioned it recently, and then [ profile] redpiratemel talked about wanting to see it, so I dl'ed it and did nothing all day but watch and, LOVE. It's uploading to my server right now, so if anyone is interested, lemme know.

Speaking of tv shows on my server, I'm going to be taken down all the episodes of Dexter, so if you want, let me know. I still have Ugly Betty, up to last week's episode; those will be staying until the end of the season.

Now I need to go and see if my roommate is home so she can run me on some errands. SIGH.

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