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in honor of IMTOD repeating last night...i has a macro )

Today was the first day that I thought, 'OMG MUST CUT HAIR UGH', which means as far as I'm concerned, summer has begun. \o/

but seriously. haircut. If I could just decide on what I want. and find a place that's not ridonkulous with the price. SIGH.
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Went to see The Invisible today, which...well. It was a movie. It wasn't *horrible* but. hmm. and, dudes. Marcia Gay Harden is an Oscar winner? Really? REALLY? CKR, though, was just...ngrrhgggh. SO HOT. It was like watching Ray Kowalski, all calmed down after ten years of living with Fraser. mmmm...I kind of want to see it again just for him, but that would mean sitting through the rest of the movie and, no. OH! and the little kid who played wee!Sammy in "Something Wicked" is in it! That was a glee-inducing moment when I realized that.

When I got to the theatre, they'd just started the trailer for Resident Evil: Extinction and, GUH. WANT. WANT THAT NOW. and then the next trailer was for 28 Weeks Later, and, oh man. I was in zombie movie heaven.

...and then they showed the trailer for Ratatouille, which was a bit jarring, to say the least. It was all, 'ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ZOMBIE animated rats!'

random note - if I were to come across a genie right at this moment, I would probably wish that I could smack everyone who hardcodes their fics on lj upside the head. WTF, people. pfffft.

anyways. [ profile] glendaglamazon had mentioned wanting posse icons, so I've got them here, along with more lame macros.

DOH! one of the pictures is from this past episode. Nothing I would consider spoilery, but you never know with people.

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What happens when I'm left by myself with nothing but photoshop, a LOT of candy, and Sam and Dean Winchester to amuse myself with?

warning for extremely lame pictures )


anyways. I GOT THE BEST ASSIGNMENT EVER FOR [ profile] reversathon!!! oh my god. OH. MY. GOD. I am FLAILING over it. ::rubs hands together with GLEE:: I kind of want to work on it RIGHT NOW, but I have other obligations. D'OH.

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