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5 Times Leonard McCoy Actually Said No to Jim Kirk
[star trek: reboot, mccoy/kirk, r, 1615 words]

SIGH. Wings lost, but I finished this anyways. SO. I took requests for a Five Things meme, and I wasn't going to make any of them really ficcy, but this one got away from me. requested by [ profile] loveflyfree

McCoy hears himself rambling to the kid next to him... )
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anyways, here be the prompt ficlets for mass consumption, cleaned up a bit from what I'd written in the original post.

for inell: Kirk/McCoy, taste )

for emiime: Kirk/McCoy, hypospray-as-metaphor )

for heather11483: Sulu/Chekov, miscommunication )

for deirdre_c: Sulu/Chekov, pranking )

for anothersuperboy: Chekov/Kirk, need )

ps - still taking five things requests. will start on them tomorrow.

pps- PORN BATTLE VIII IS ON!!! There are many many tempting prompts there, including some FABULOUS ST ones I kind of want to get my hands on. HMMM.

hmm. I still need more ST icons.
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second verse, same as the first
[star trek: reboot, chekov/sulu, nc-17, 923 words]

well, I'm just bringing the porn today. in response to this prompt at [ profile] st_xi_kink: Chekov finally gets his man. One round isn't enough, though, so he wakes him up after only a few hours for round two.

Chekov stirs awake slowly... )
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you got me ticking (gonna blow my top)
[star trek: reboot, chekov/mccoy, nc-17, 615 words]

oh, I don't even KNOW. hush. written in response to a prompt at [ profile] st_xi_kink: Anything that involves Chekov getting banged over his desk. Title from "Start Me Up" from the Stones because that's what was playing and it seemed to fit.

hmm. I really do need an icon now, I guess. in the meantime, I'll use my Archer!Karl icon I never use anymore.

It's a bad idea... )

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