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in the lilac woods
[spn/the last unicorn, gen, pg, 1461 words]

another offering from the WIP folder that I'm shoving out into the cold dark world as is. I'd wanted to blend the style of the book with the tone of the show, but it just wasn't working for me. plus, I thought that I was being original and clever with the idea, but it turned out that someone had already done this trick before. SIGH. I don't want to say that there will never be more of this, but more than likely, this is it.

I am the last of the red hot swamis... )
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survival of the fittest
[lost/spn, sawyer/dean, r, 965 words]

my usual blah blah blah is at the end because it got wordy. but this is really nothing but an excuse for porn.

Sawyer bites off a curse... )
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first two ficlet requests

for [ profile] koneko_meow: Sam and Dean (gen or wincest) in boarding school 'packing for vacation.'

monkeys on the ladder
[spn au, sam/dean, nc-17, 779 words] title from 'earth died screaming' by tom waits, which has nothing to do with the story.

The school is eerily quiet... )

for [ profile] punnky_kitty: but could you do a bendy!moany!teen!Timberlake with a side of husky-voiced!aggressive!Dean. A dash of voyeur teen!Sam is cool too. setting: ..anywhere oh oh! three words: stars, whiskey, pain

[spn/nsync, dean/justin with a side of sam, nc-17, 935 words]

It's Dean's low laugh that catches his attention... )
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Here's Where the Story Ends
[due south/spn crossover, rayk/fraser, g]

for [ profile] pocketmouse as part of the [ profile] apocalyptothon fic exchange thing. much love to [ profile] cruelest_month for the beta. title from the Sundays song of the same name.

Ray remembers listening to that first report... )

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