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in the lilac woods
[spn/the last unicorn, gen, pg, 1461 words]

another offering from the WIP folder that I'm shoving out into the cold dark world as is. I'd wanted to blend the style of the book with the tone of the show, but it just wasn't working for me. plus, I thought that I was being original and clever with the idea, but it turned out that someone had already done this trick before. SIGH. I don't want to say that there will never be more of this, but more than likely, this is it.

I am the last of the red hot swamis... )
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In PA for a friend's wedding tomorrow, hanging out at the parents'. Highlight of the evening was watching Transformers with my dad because, well. Transformers! It's made of awesome.

Along with that, I also worked on the drabble ficlet requests.

for idiosyncratic - Dean, bunnies [g] )

for wendy - Sam/Dean, it's time to do laundry [r] )

for titti - Sam/Dean, John finds out [pg-13] )

Two more to do, possibly three if I get to it. whoo? yes, whoo.

thank you for reading!
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another ficlet request, for [ profile] darlita, my beloved German LAMMO: "Hooked on a Feeling", Dean/Metallicar

hooked on a feeling
[spn, dean+impala, g, 344 words]

It was raining the first day he saw her... )
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The Wheels on the Bus (Go 'Round and 'Round)
[spn, gen, g, 2882 words]

written for the [ profile] spn_flashback challenge, prompt #283: Sam and Dean ride on the bus to school, the one that picks them up at four in the morning and drops them off around six at night because of where they are on the route. Maybe they bring their blankets because the bus is always cold. Walkmans? Flashlights? Pillows? Where do they sit and what do they do to keep busy those eight hours each day on the bus? um, I deviated a little from the prompt, mainly with the length of time spent on the bus. hope that's okay. much love to [ profile] queenbitter for the readthrough.

The bus picks them up at a quarter-of-six every morning... )

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