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you're so young and glad to see us move on
[hockey rps, andrew yogan/christian thomas, r, 1349 words)

The NHL lockout has unintended consequences. Written for [ profile] pass_shoot_porn for the prompt bright lights, big city, which. um. This started out being very inspired by that, and then veered wildly out of control at some point. sorry. Writing this pairing because, really. Title from 'As Sure as I'm Down' by the Swingin' Utters.

*note: Christian Thomas' dad is Steve Thomas, who played in the NHL for almost 20 years. not for the Rangers, but, whatever.

Training camp isn't exactly what Andy had hoped for... )
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far above the world
[hockey rps, artem anisimov/brandon dubinsky, r, 1308 words)

Artie is in space. Dubi isn't. written for [ profile] pass_shoot_porn for the prompt oddity, which really only ever makes me think of one thing, and thus we have this story.

The monitor hummed, and Artie held his breath until it flickered on... )
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catching sparks off you
[hockey rps, ryan callahan/dan girardi, r, 956 words]

extremely and embarrassingly late birthday fic for [ profile] honeymull...or, I suppose, you could think of it as awesomely early birthday fic.

title taken from "Head On" by Jesus and Mary Chain

A jolt of turbulence wakes Dan... )
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stitch a seam across the eye
[hockey rps, guy boucher/vincent lecavalier, nc-17, 1042 words]

because Vinny is hot, and his coach is damn hot. and sometimes power imbalances can be fun. written originally over email to Rachel because she's an enabler.

title from "Ramalama (Bang bang)" by Roisin Murphy.

There was a time in his life when Vinny delighted in playing the little shithead... )
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think of home when the waves and the going get tough
[hockey rps, brad richards/vincent lecavalier, r, 1255 words]

in 2008, after the Dallas Stars were eliminated from the playoffs, Brad went back to Tampa and spent a week on a boat with Vinny. for reals (no, really, they did.) written for [ profile] pass_shoot_porn: off season. title from "The Boat" by Chuck Ragan (original title inspiration is original.)

No player worth a damn ever wishes for the off-season to arrive quickly... )
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a lack of action betrays a purpose
[hockey rps, patrick sharp/adam burish, r, 1852 words]

written for [ profile] offseasonmatch: Adam Burish/Patrick Sharp -- During a Dallas vs. Chicago game, they get into an on-ice fight. What happens after the game? title from "The Note" by the Swingin' Utters.

It's funny the way emotions work, the ebb and flow of them... )
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these pretty pleasures
[hockey rps, patrick sharp/adam burish, nc-17, 1275 words]

another one from the kink meme: Following the Hawks' 7-4 win over the Canucks, Patrick Sharp eventually gives in to *insert random teammate here* and lets him come all over his pretty face. because, really. it's a pretty pretty face.

Patrick doesn't know how he gets in these situations... )
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it's getting better all the time
[hockey rps, brendan shanahan/steve yzerman, nc-17, 681 words]

omg, I don't even KNOW. I'm kind of all flailface over actually writing this pairing. written for this prompt from the kink meme.

title from "Melt With You" by Modern English. (hrmm. second time I've mined that song for a fic title.)

It's not easy anymore, not like it used to be... )
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things you do don't seem real
[hockey rps, artem anisimov/enver lisin, nc-17, 1023 words]

written for this prompt from the kink meme, which just asked for rimming. not surprisingly, I had to take a shot at it.

title from "She Drives Me Crazy" by the Fine Young Cannibals.

Artem is naked, stretched out across Enver's bed... )
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as in thought, action
[hockey rps, Henrik Zetterberg/Pavel Datsyuk, r, 448 words]

written for this prompt left by some DARK MYSTERIOUS FIGURE in the hockey kink meme: Pavel Datsyuk/Henrik Zetterberg, telepathy kink.

Hank has him pressed into the mattress... )
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you know you once held the key
[hockey rps, brandon dubinsky/nikolai zherdev, pg, 802 words]

for [ profile] girl_wonder on the occasion of her birthday. um. I don't know how charming and fun it really is, but hope you still enjoy it. :D

title from "This Is the Sea" by the Waterboys

Brandon knows what an honor it is... )
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I'll do such things to ease your pain
[hockey rps, brandon dubinsky/nikolai zherdev, nc-17, 1169 words]

during the game against the Florida Panthers, we couldn't help but notice that some of the Rangers were suddenly very tan. somehow this came out of that. title from "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" by Sophie B. Hawkins, because I am just that cheesy.

Losing sucked... )
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hold your head high
[hockey rps, brandon dubinsky/nikolai zherdev, g, 260 words]

on 01/10/09, Brandon Dubinsky ended a 20-game goal drought. I suspect there was much celebration. originally written in an email to [ profile] fryadvocate, who immediately demanded more. probably meant more than just 100 words more, but beggars can't be choosers. :P

Just one goal, but it had been his first in twenty... )
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Putting this up for [ profile] fryadvocate, who is unhappy with it being Monday. and, y'know, so am I, so it's also for me.

Dubi & Nicky - a tale in pictures )
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your handprint all over
[hockey rps, brandon dubinsky/nikolai zherdev, r, 811 words]

because I adore them, but not as much as they adore each other.

The first thing Brandon really notices about Zherdev... )
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[hockey rps, dan girardi/ryan callahan, pg, 232 words]

because we were watching the game against Columbus and [ profile] antheia said, "is that a hickey on Cally's neck?" This isn't something I was supposed to write, or any of the requests, but you gotta go with what comes to you, right?

... reminds himself that it had been his decision... )

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