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With apologies to my Canucks-loving friends, I did a quick little drawble last night. :D

and in other art news, I wasn't going to participate in Big Bang this year for a variety of reason. But a couple of days ago, there was a call put out for more artists, and I saw a comment that mentioned there was a curling fic left, and...well. HOW COULD I RESIST?! CURLING! I'm so looking forward to it.

and hopefully this weekend I can FINALLY finish my [ profile] help_haiti art, and then the help_chili art within the next few weeks. SIGH.
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HUZZAH! I have finished my art for [ profile] bigbangblackout! In celebration, I wanted to draw something quick, so I poked [ profile] affectingly for a prompt and she said:
oh maybe bones and jim stargazing but jim's doing more gazing at bones?
and so that's what I did )

because the only thing Jim loves more than space is Bones. TRUFAX.

but, YAY! One piece of art crossed off the list; about 12091209120391 more to go.

and maybe, at some point, I'll actually be able to write something, too. SIGH SIGH.
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spn art meme )
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snow + leaving work early = snow day! or, it would if it weren't for the fact that I left early to go sit in the DMV for two hours. BUT! My car is now registered in the state of New York! Huzzah!

um. That's all the exciting news I have. er. well, there is this, which I don't really understand, but it's the fault of [ profile] drvsilla, so being confused is par for the course.

*sad jtp koala-suit face* )
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[ profile] glockgal was telling me about this program, Art Rage, and I said, 'I gots to get me some of that!' and, omigod. I am SO IN LOVE with this program. I'm doing all of my art from now on with it...or not. maybe. But! Lori told me to draw her something fancy with it, so I present to you this: Sam and Dean Winchester, as drawn by Sammy, age 5 )
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So, there's this belief that what you do on New Year's Day is what you'll do for the rest of the year. So far I've eaten chicken and watched Arrested Development. I also finished a fic, which is a good sign, and I've just done a drawing, so hopefully this means I'll be very productive this year. The drawing is just a little thing, so I'm just going to post it here, to share with all of you.

By the way, this is all [ profile] glockgal's fault.

\o/ )
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I had approximately 93204283492834029 meetings at work today, all of which were very boring since I really had no reason to be at any of them. and then I came home and had to go to *another* meeting. tomorrow is more of the same, as are Thursday and Friday. I sketched this sometime during the first meeting and it kept me going through all of them because I would look at it and think, 'OMIGOD TWO MORE DAYS!!!' do you think if I called Dean up, he and Sam would come and exorcise the demon of boredom from my office?

um, and yes, I know I said all art was going in the other journal, but I figured a) this is just a sketch, really; and b) mah box, mah rules.

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