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Did somebody ask for a naked hockey player?

This so makes up for the Chara incident )
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seriously. How is he even real?

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Brad Richards/Vincent Lecavalier: High school sweethearts

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Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi: BFFs = OTP 4EVA

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yeah, so, Danny and Cally are pretty much in love and have been forever. They even have adjacent stalls in the locker room. <333

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no, really, my team is the prettiest.

I highly recommend watching 20:00-21:10. You get to see this:
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ok, so [ profile] hockeysaurus did this, and then [ profile] honeymull did this and was all 'do this do this do this', so. Completely indulgent and shallow picspam post of a player from each team in the NHL that I find...well. The original wording was 'hot', but some of the let's just say 'attractive'.

this way to the pretty )
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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Nicklas Lidstrom, defenseman and captain of the Detroit Red Wings. Father of four, and 41 years old.


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ahahaha! Most ridiculous thing I've ever done? Possibly.

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE ON TWITTER. Neither the link to this post nor to the Vimeo page. Share in email or IM if you want, just not on Twitter. or message boards. or Tumblr.

Henrik Lundqvist is a GQMF )
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Henrik Lundqvist and his twin brother, Joel, have recently shot a campaign for what I think is a Swedish clothing company. The pictures are kind of fabulous.

Swedish twins! and not the creepy Sedin kind )
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I'd originally posted this to IWP, but I wanted it in my own journal too. SOB.

Brendan Shanahan announces retirement

::cries forever::

some favorite vids featuring Shanny )
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The Rangers released some preview pics from this season's yearbook, and. yes. YES.

hockey players + suits = AMAZING )
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holy hotness, Batman! )

All pictures shamelessly stolen from his new website.
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These pics have already spread like wildfire throughout hockey fandom, but I thought, 'hey, your non-hockey peeps also like hot naked men', so.

COMPLETELY NOT WORKSAFE. SERIOUSLY. but maybe kind of really worth it. )
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Do you know what today is? FIRST DAY OF THE RANGERS' SEASON!!!

In celebration, I bring more pics of prettiest goalie ever, Henrik Lundqvist.

Little known fact: 'lundqvist' is Swedish for 'hot piece of ass' )

um. If anyone subscribes to GQ and would be willing to part with last month's issue, please let me know! That's where the pictures are from and I would like to scan them in at a higher res. :D ACQUIRED. Will scan sometime this weekend. Keep an eye out on this post for them. :D

also, I started a hockey blog.
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Longest summer EVER.

In celebration, I picspam you with the Prettiest Goalie Ever. (even though he's not playing tonight. SIGH SIGH.)

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why, hello there, half-naked Swedish jailbait )
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I seriously almost just swallowed my tongue over this picture. oh, Hank.

oh good lord )
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My office has discovered a Risk application on Facebook and now we're all busy waging war on each other. I just cut a swath through the production designer and now have control of Europe and Asia, working my way down to Australia. \o/

Anyways, the real reason for me posting is to show further proof that our goalie is the prettiest.

no, really. REALLY. )
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ACK. About ready to run out to my grandma's for Christmas, but I wanted to quickly wish everyone a merry Christmas/happy Hanukkah/season's greetings/etc etc. Also, I don't have time to post all of these, and I'm kind of pissed at them right now (who in the hell gives up a FOUR GOAL LEAD? oh yeah, the Rangers. We've been there before.), but I got the Rangers yearbook last night and wanted to share some pictures. Especially of Dubi because it's like the photographer looked at him and said, "I'm thinking...Tiger Beat."

why do you break my heart? )

If anyone wants, I'll post more when I get back home. Ta-ta!

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