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cathybites because she listed one of my stories on the badfic community. I'm not perfect, I don't pretend to be. Apparently we have a different idea of what badfic is. I think of poor grammar, tons of misspellings (I'm sure most of my stuff has a few errors, but I cull them as I find them. I've seen stories that had typos/misspellings in virtually every paragraph.) Still, the story she listed was written to be humorous and a lot of people really loved it and said it made them laugh, which was the point. I thought that story was one of my better written ones and didn't deserve being categorized as "badfic". The most abhorrent thing about her though is that the vast majority of her posts (at least the ones I've seen) are mean/snarky/negative and I just don't like negative people. She's one of those types who sees nothing wrong with a *hatefest* thread and most likely truly enjoys such things (see 'small-minded' comment above). - jaciesplace on people she doesn't like in fandom.

Omigod, it's like she's known you her whole life!- drmonkeypants in reaction to the comment.


Friend me, don't friend me - it's all good by me. Don't have to ask, don't have to let me know. As far as me friending people, I usually only friend people I either actually hang out with in real life or have had an ongoing interaction with online. I speak a lot about my personal life under friendslock, and I'm just not comfortable with sharing it with people I don't know. Fic and art and lots and lots of things are posted publically, so you don't have to worry about missing out on the fun stuff.

If you've been defriended by me, chances are it's because we have very little in common and have never really connected with one another. And if that's the case, then you probably should be neither surprised nor upset by the defriending.


I'm having a wild summer fling with Inception at the moment. Arthur and Eames are just too divine together.

The only other fandom I'm regularly involved with at the moment is hockey. Sometimes that manifests as hockey RPS, but mostly it's me swearing at the TV and wondering why the Rangers insist on breaking my heart.

Other fandoms I've been involved in are Supernatural, Due South, Star Trek (movieverse), popslash, lotrps, Harry Potter, and comics (mostly towards Marvel titles, and mostly GenX). Ones that I've taken a fancy to but have never really been active in include LOST, Firefly, OZ, and BSG (original series).


If you're here because of my art, please join cathydraws.

If you're here because you heard that I have good taste in music, please join spammity.

If you're here for icons and/or moodthemes, please join moodshine_.

If you're here for fic, please visit .:once bitten:. for popfic, precious taters for lotrps, and missing words for everything else.

If you're here for the Happy Hour and Wings Special, I'm sorry but we've sold-out.

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!!!11!!1!!, $wingin utter$, *smalldog*, adidas sneakers love, art nouveau, being a karaoke superstar, being fekkin' aggro, big! gay! britney! spears!, blue monday, bluth family dysfunction, bobby darin, boondock saints, brendan shanahan, buddy holly, bust-a-groove, cheesy lame pop music, chronicles of prydain, cockney rejects, comic books, courtney crumrin, crappy action flicks, dancing like a stupid fool, devo, drag queens, drawing stupid art, dubinsky/zherdev, due south, edward gorey, eeeeevil!justin, evan dorkin, fairy tales, fangirling the barbarian hordes, firefly, flashback new wave, gay gay hobbitses, glam metal, glam rock, guns n roses, heavy metal, hectic planet, hiding like the grapefruit, ho!fra!ray!yay!!!, iceland, inxs, ireland, jayne cobb, joec, jon stewart, jono/ange and fried chicken, kids in the hall, killing people with pinecones, kitty n, klasse kriminale, lammo, led zeppelin, lilo & stitch, lost, lotrps, loving badfic, lusting after hot girls, marilyn monroe, michelle rodriguez, milk and cheese, milla jovovich, mini-britney, mini-jc, mini-kim jong il, missing the cactus cafe, mocking your clothes, mocking your hairstyle, mocking your life, monkeys, monkeys in pirate costumes, my burning rage, my dirty dirty saxons, my inflated ego, mythology, new york dolls, new york rangers, obsessing over icelandic folkore, oi, omigoddomandbilleh, oz, pietasters, pirate corp$, pirate kings, pirate kings for life, pirates, pitch black, poison ivy, poor oppressed jc, popslash, princess bride, punk, remus j. lupin, remus/sirius, revenge of the nerds, roller derby motherfuckers!, sci-fi flicks, science, scooters, sean bean miming eating noises, shiny sparkly things!, ska, skinheads, snubbing the unwashed masses, snunicorn, space ghost, spain, spitting in your drinks, stabbing your eyes out, stiff little fingers, sweet spooky brotherly love, t.rex, tamara de lempicka, the clash, the fifth element, the last unicorn, the pogues, the professional, the real apollo/starbuck, the rock and sws, the simpsons, the tick, the waterboys, the who, tiffany's, timbertrick, tom waits, vespa, vinny lecavalier's freckles, vinyl records, violent pizza, wanting more tattoos, watching ace of cakes, west ham united, writing stupid little stories, x-men, y: the last man, young justice
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