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I've started to take art commissions again. All of the info is over on my tumblr, but you can just contact me through LJ (or my email if you have it) if you're interested. (and if you are on tumblr, it'd be much appreciated if you reblogged for a signal boost. <333)
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Can I just say that there is nothing quite like your favorite player using something that you created on his FB page? I AM ALL GIDDY OVER IT.

speaking of creative endeavors, I've been doing a lot because of stupid Bucky Barnes and stupid Steve Rogers and their stupid faces. I've done a few gifsets (because that's the cool thing all the tumblr kids are doing now) and have been doing quite a bit of fanart, which is kind of awesome but mostly frustrating for me. The whole gifsets phenomenon is really interesting because it's such a tumblr-specific artform, yeah? I just wish the limit on file size was a little more because I have *ideas* but am limited, boo.

(and yes, I changed my tumblr name to something completely different because of reasons.) (those reasons being mostly related to separation of RL and FandomLife.)

Life in general has been good. I don't know if you've heard but THE RANGERS ARE IN THE CONFERENCE FINALS. I got to be at both Game 7 against the Flyers and Game 6 against the Penguins and omg. OMG. SO EXCITING. but honestly, I didn't really enjoy either game until the buzzer sounded because of the stress. I think I watched the last five minutes of the Pens game curled up in a fetal position in my seat.

when did lj change the design of the posting page? EVERYTHING LOOKS WEIRD.
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I've seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier about a million times already, so of course I ended up doing an art thing.
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Who wants some cat pictures? I haven't posted any in a long time (here, anyways. I'm constantly posting them to instagram and FB.) The cats are both doing well. There was a health scare with Charlie a few months ago, but he's been fine since, and cuddly as ever. Lola is still skittish - I have a feeling that's something she'll never get over, but she's also very friendly and cuddly in her own way, so that's an improvement.

meow meow meow )
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oh, LJ, where to start...

- Wincon has come and gone and it was amazing. I'm nowhere near as active in fandom as I once was (unless you count reblogging gifsets of Lucy Liu being flawless as being active), but I still love hanging out with fangirls and talking about the things we love (and hate.) Next year is going to be in Orlando, and, seriously. I want everyone there. I already have some ideas for panels that I promise will be AWESOME. and who knows? Maybe someday I'll actually write something again.

- In two weeks, I will start what a new job, and it's basically a dream job. Not the *ultimate* dream job, but pretty high up there. I don't want to put it out there just yet (because I am superstitious/paranoid) but if you know me, you can probably make a pretty good guess as to what it might be. I still can't believe that I landed it.

- So many challenges I have signed up for! I posted the mini-bb Pacific Rim the other week, and I have another Pacific Rim big bang coming up. Have also signed up for the PR reversebang - and my idea is FUCKING FANTASTIC, imho. There's also Yuletart, which just posted the list of prompts and, omg. OMG. SO MANY GOOD PROMPTS. I think that once Yuletart is over, I might go back and draw some of the unclaimed prompts because. SO MANY GOOD PROMPTS.

- I probably should get me a Pacific Rim icon. and a Sleepy Hollow one (also have an awesome idea for a drawing for that. also, need to post my drawble from Wincon to LJ, note to self.) and an Elementary one.

- I've been watching a lot of TV lately. Probably the most since 2006 or so. Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, SHIELD (which I'm still not sure about), The Mindy Project, American Horror Story, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrow, Elementary. There was Dexter, which is thankfully over. blergh. So disappointing. and I'm eagerly - EAGERLY - awaiting Almost Human. Plus all the hockey (as painful as that's been lately. ugh.)

- Speaking of hockey, if anyone wants to go to games with me this season, let me know! I've still got a few open tickets left.

- If anyone has recs for good werewolf books, let me know. I'm almost done Anne Rice's first foray into the genre, but at this point I'm just hate-reading it to get it over. I'd like something to get the bad taste out of my brain.
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My new favorite fandom is badass WOC and their British white boy sidekicks.

(That is to say, I've finally gotten around to watching Elementary and OMG HOW MUCH DO I LOVE IT. also, Sleepy Hollow is amazing. AMAZING. Both of these shows. All the time. I wants it.)
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I'm just gonna sit over here and wait impatiently for the reunion tour.
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Is anyone who's going to Wincon planning on staying through Tuesday? Pricing flights and it would be so much cheaper for me to pay for another night and leave Tuesday instead of Monday.

also, am currently researching karaoke places, so that will be happening again. :D
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Posting twice in a month is still way more than what I was doing before. Prepare for spoiler cuts.

Iron Man 3 )

[interlude for spoiler space]

Star Trek: Into Darkness )

[interlude for spoiler space]

Arrested Development S4 )
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I miss LJ sometimes. A lot of times. or, at least, I miss parts of it. I'm on tumblr, but it's a crap platform for interacting with people. I get so ANNOYED when people have 'conversations' back and forth showing up on my dash, and the reply function for posts isn't ideal, either. and I only follow a handful of people anyways because - as noted earlier - I'm particular about what I see on my dash. yes, Tumblr Savior, which I use and love, but I don't want a dash full of hidden posts.

sigh sigh, not as though I'm all that fannish nowadays.I mainlined Hemlock Grove the other weekend, and am watching some other TV (Arrow, Vikings, Parks and Rec, Mindy Project) but am not feeling particularly *fannish* about them. Getting excited about the new Star Trek movie, though. Going back and reading some old faves - or, trying to, because I never re-bookmarked after the Delicious shenanigans. stupid me.

and there's always - always - hockey, which will hopefully not be ending for me tonight (please please PLEASE WIN TONIGHT, YOU JERKFACES.) Went to the Rangers' game yesterday and it was so glorious. Also the only I've gone to for the playoffs so far because I'm still jeerleading and we had rehearsals their other two home games (and also tonight, which will be torturous.)

Anyways, I have a new job. Started last week. I have my own office, which is pretty fucking sweet. Look at this view! Also an upgrade in pay - now when I take surveys, I get to tick off a whole bracket higher under 'Annual Income'. YAY!
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I should probably update more often, but. well.

- I've been sucked into watching Arrow. It's not a good show, but it's highly entertaining and I keep having geek-out moments.spoilery? )

- Saw Skyfall on Saturday (with [ profile] nu_breed and [ profile] vileseagulls!) and. omg. OMG. IT WAS AMAZING.spoilery )

- NHL lockout is still in full effect, and I've resigned myself to the fact that we're not getting hockey this year, BUT I AM STILL GOING TO SEE SOME OF MY BELOVED RANGERS EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! There's a charity game in Atlantic City this Saturday and you know I jumped on tickets as soon as I found out. omg. OMG I AM SO EXCITED. They might have to peel me off the glass.
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Hello, just a quick update to let everyone know that the cats and I are safe and sound. With all of the flooding problems I've had in my apartment, I was worried everything I owned would be underwater, but there wasn't a single drop. Plus, we still have power (and most importantly, internet), so I consider myself very fortunate and blessed. Hope everyone else is well, and for all the locals, I do own a car so if you need help with anything, please let me know.
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I think I'm getting sick - CURSE YOU, CON CRUD.

but! on the bright side! I have registered for next year's Wincon - VEGAS, BABY, VEGAS - aaaaaaaaaand [ profile] glockgaland [ profile] bossymarmalade have said they are going to go (I have it in writing! They can't take it back now!) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! WE'RE GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER!!! and, yes, this means there will likely be a Drunken Drawbles booth.

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Wincon is in Vegas next year. I can't even play like I'm not going. \m/
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I want to thank everyone for helping me out. I've been busy, but am slowly getting the drawbles done. I'm planning on doing NOTHING this weekend, so they should all be done by then. Thank you again!
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you're so young and glad to see us move on
[hockey rps, andrew yogan/christian thomas, r, 1349 words)

The NHL lockout has unintended consequences. Written for [ profile] pass_shoot_porn for the prompt bright lights, big city, which. um. This started out being very inspired by that, and then veered wildly out of control at some point. sorry. Writing this pairing because, really. Title from 'As Sure as I'm Down' by the Swingin' Utters.

*note: Christian Thomas' dad is Steve Thomas, who played in the NHL for almost 20 years. not for the Rangers, but, whatever.

Training camp isn't exactly what Andy had hoped for... )
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Due to some miscalculations, I'm in a bit of a financial bind until next week. So in order to get by, I am offering $5 drawbles. Full-color, 500x500 px, up to two characters, minimal background. Just supply me with who you want and a prompt.

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