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ok, have watched all of Jessica Jones. Thoughts and one big fucking question.

  • Mike Colter is SO FUCKING HOT. jfc. Can he just walk around shirtless the whole time for Luke Cage? I mean, he has unbreakable skin, he might as well show it off, yeah?

  • Carrie-Anne Moss was phenomenal. Hogarth was such an ass of a character but I loved her anyway.

  • the only thing I’ve ever seen Krysten Ritter in was a terrible vampire movie, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thought she was great as Jessica. There were several moments where she wouldn’t be doing anything, but you could still see the weight of everything that had happened to Jessica in her eyes, could see the depression and paranoia and loneliness and, god. I just really loved her.

  • Semi-related, but man this show had a lot of blood. Wendy’s death. jesus. That shot of her head impaled on that table, god.

  • and Arnold’s dismemberment, ugh. UGH.

  • David Tennant was so damn charismatic, and that just made Kilgrave so much creepier to me. and I loved how the show kinda teased redeeming him (which I hated at the time watching it) and then was all, ‘hahahahaha are you serious he’s a fucking manipulative rapist scumbag.’

  • Thank you to the writers for not shying away at all from saying what he did was rape. Not ‘manipulation’ or ‘coercion’ or whatever, just straight up rape. and of course he was in denial about it. Most rapists are.

  • Along those lines, jfc Kilgrave was the embodiment of male entitlement. From being convinced that Jessica had been in love with him to wanting to kill her because he couldn’t control her to completely reversing on that when he thought he finally had her under his control again.

  • Jessica and Trish’s relationship is everything to me. also, I love how they made Trish a former (sort of) redhead. Comics shoutout! The seeds are planted for her to turn up as Hellcat, yeah?

  • ok, but, how the hell did Reva end up with that USB? I think the implication was that the experiments on Kilgrave and Luke are connected. and maybe also whatever Will is involved with, as well as what happened to Jessica. maybe even with Matt Murdock? but how did she find out? was she a scientist? a reporter? a government agent?

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