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ok, making a list so I can organize myself.

art what needs done

  • MCU POC - lineart done, needs coloring

  • big Wincon commission - minor figures and background needs to be painted

  • small Wincon commission #1 - sketch out ideas

  • other Wincon commissions - contact peeps for what they want

  • Adoribull MiniBang - claims are on Sunday

  • kiss meme - have one more request to finish

and then, once the necessary stuff is out of the way, I think I'm gonna try one of those color palette challenges again. I also have a 30-day NSFW OTP challenge saved, but my track record with 30-day challenges isn't good.

I also wish I could write again. I did manage something for Yuletide, and I've had ideas - some of them really awesome - but nothing that's pushed me to write. Once the minibang is properly underway, I'm thinking of running one of those 24-hour porn challenges for Dorian/Bull, a la [ profile] stop_drop_porn. Not sure how well that'll work on tumblr, but I think it should be fine. I already have a tumblr claimed for it. :D

I really need to update my icons, but. lazy.
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