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I'm guessing the fact that it's dead at work (hello, off-season!) is the reason I decided to max out my schedule this week. Kickboxing followed by Jeerleader rehearsal Monday and last night. Tuesday I had my pick-up game that ended up running an extra half-hour, which eventually turned into me having a 15-minute shift because everyone left. Tonight I'm going to a Harry Potter burlesque show, then tomorrow I have my first game with the summer league I joined. Kinda nervous about that one because it'll be my first time playing organized hockey. I also forgot that I'll need shoulder pads, so I have to borrow my friend's, who's about half my size. so we'll see how that works out.

at least I have no solid plans for this weekend. I think I'm going to see Inside Out on Saturday, and then do my laundry. I also need to start finish my Marvel POC Exchange art, and I have a bunch of art requests over on tumblr I need to finish. PLUS I'm running a Dorian/Iron Bull mini-bang, and rough drafts are due next week, so I need to get organized for that. SIGH. I should've recruited a co-mod. ah well.

Last night I finished the Crossroads trilogy I spoke about earlier. It was...unsatisfactory. Three books, and there were way too many characters running in and out of the plot, and way too much going on. I got to the end of the third book and was so annoyed, both by things that had happened, and things that should've happened and didn't. The whole situation with Anji and Mai made me so...FRUSTRATED. He became such an asshole, which I guess you could kind of see coming, but it was still frustrating. It would've been better if he had turned straight-up villain. and for Mai to just turn up at the end was...meh. It was almost like the author had this plan of killing her in order to resurrect her, but then forgot about actually bringing her back until the end. It was pointless.

OH. and after the whole build-up about how terrifying Night was through two-and-a-half books, to have her death scene take about half a page was so disappointing. meh.

I still applaud Kate Elliott for again creating a world where people of color are the default - Kirit is the only character who would be considered white, and she's thought of as freakish and demonic by everyone because of her coloring. I guess I just wish this world were being explored via a different story. or at least, a more heavily edited story.
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