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I really miss the interactions I used to have on LJ. Tumblr is fun and all, but it sucks so much for communicating with people and having conversations. Not just about fandomy stuff, but actually getting to know people. SO. I've never stopped reading my flist over here, but I'm gonna try to post some more myself. Just to quickly catch up:

- I've done a lot of art over the past year, all posted on tumblr.

- note about tumblr: I'm suuuuuuuuper picky about what shows up on my dash and have a blacklist about 5000 miles long. I'm trying to follow more people, but I won't follow anyone who doesn't use tags (or, who only uses tags as commentary and not in any way useful to me.) but if you're over there, gimme a holler.

- my newest obsession fandom is Dragon Age. I love all the games, but Dragon Age 2 is probably my favorite. I get all the criticism about it buuuuuuut...whatever. It's the best. Also DA:I, and yes, I am all about Dorian/Iron Bull.

- like everyone else, Mad Max:Fury Road is my new favorite movie.

- Have been binging on Netflix shows. OITNB, of course, and also Sense8 and Grace and Frankie. Anyone else watching any of those? I might post properly about them later., it's weird trying to post again.

i also really missed my Tom Waits mood theme. :X
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