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Dear Yuletide Author:

Sorry for the lateness! There were some details in my signup, but I thought it would be good to give a bit more for you to work with.

I'm a big fan of banter. Banter and porn. I like angst, but I also like happy endings. Not a fan of noncon or a lot of violence. If you do write something porny, I love rough and bitey sex, but not very big on bdsm-y fic. Rimming is my favorite. I hate pet names, I hate crying, and I hate sappy declarations of love during sex.

Maleficent/Aurora gives me life, but I am perfectly okay with something platonic, or even a fic about Maleficent feeling motherly towards Aurora (but, uh, please don't combine that with porn.)

Guardians of the Galaxy
Nebula/Gamora FTW! Either sisters or lovers, either happy or angsty. This one doesn't have to have a happy ending, but no character death.

Almost Human
Dirty filthy porn is what I want the most for this pairing, but if you want to write fluffy domestic fic, that'd be awesome, too. Maybe Dorian courting Kennex? Maybe just some multiple orgasms between friends?

Brooklyn Nine Nine
My favorite characters are Rosa, Terry, and Captain Holt, but please don't feel limited to only them. I LOVE EVERYONE ON THIS SHOW. Not really into any sort of relationship fic for this fandom, just something fun and goofy. Either wacky case hijinx or some goofing off at a holiday party, or, OOH. Maybe a Secret Santa situation?

Thank you so much, dear Author, and I cannot wait to see what you write for me.
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