Aug. 15th, 2015

cathybites: (end of the line)
switched to a new layout because I don't have the energy to completely redo my old one thanks to whatever LJ did to fuck it up. SIGH SIGH SIGH. I still don't understand what happened because it was just fine a few days ago. meh.

ANYWAYS. HAVE YOU ALL SEEN THE NEWS ABOUT CAP 3 FROM D23? omg why isn't it May yet? WHY??? There was also stuff about Moana, the new animated movie set in the South Pacific and, oh man, I am so excited for that movie. THE ROCK. how is he so amazing?

in possibly exciting personal news, I'm in this meetup group for girl geeks, and one of the things we do is a monthly comic book club. yesterday, one of the girls who regularly goes to that messaged me and asked if I wanted to hangout sometime and. I did (am still doing) that thing of 'wait is this? is she? are we?' that I seem to excel at, but I said yes and she gave me her number so. IS THIS A THING? IS SHE BEING FRIENDLY OR IS SHE BEING INTERESTED? PANIC PANIC PANIC.

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