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A couple of days ago, I found out that [ profile] ethrosdemon passed away. You can learn more at her journal - Amber has posted information about it there. I've had a couple of days to process it, but it's still...I hadn't spoken with her in a while, and the fact that I'd been meaning to and never got around to it is something I'll always regret. So this post is mostly to say hi, I hope you're all doing well, and don't let the people you care about fall out of your lives.
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ok, have watched all of Jessica Jones. Thoughts and one big fucking question.
Jessica Jones blabbery )
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ugh ugh UGH. SO. I bought a new computer and it has been a trial, lemme tell you. First off, a week after placing the order, I noticed it still hadn't processed, so I contacted the CS department, and they were all, 'oh yeah, the processing department needs you to call them to verify the purchase,' and I was all, 'this would've been helpful to know!' and they were all, 'lol yeah.' So I call the processing department, get the order verified. The computer arrived last Friday, I get it home and realize, oh, the super-fancy graphics card in it doesn't have a VGA port, and my crappy old monitor doesn't have a connection for HDMI. Annoying, but I needed a new monitor anyways (as evidenced by the whole lack of HDMI thing.) I go buy a new monitor Saturday morning, go home, excitedly start up my computer, aaaaaaaaaand nothing. Or, rather, a whole lot of nothing. It has Windows 8.1 installed on it, but it came with a free upgrade to Windows 10, but every time I tried to upgrade, the computer would freeze and I would have to start over. Eventually I stopped because I had a roller derby bout to get to (YAY BROOKLYN BOMBSHELLS THE 2015 GGRD CHAMPIONS YAY!!!). So Sunday, I try again a few times. Same no result. So I say, fuck it, I'll stick with Windows 8 for now. BUT every time I try to install ANYTHING on the computer, it freezes. Once I managed to get about five programs installed and I was very excited thinking this was it, but no. Had to start over. I've tried refreshing, I've tried resetting, I've even tried a clean re-install of Windows but nothing. ugh. UGH UGH UGH.


anyways. has anyone else had problems like this with Windows 8 or 10? I'm assuming yes because people always do. sigh.

don't tell me to get a Mac. I use a Mac every day at work. If I wanted one, I would've gotten one. Plus, I can't play DA:I on a Mac.
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switched to a new layout because I don't have the energy to completely redo my old one thanks to whatever LJ did to fuck it up. SIGH SIGH SIGH. I still don't understand what happened because it was just fine a few days ago. meh.

ANYWAYS. HAVE YOU ALL SEEN THE NEWS ABOUT CAP 3 FROM D23? omg why isn't it May yet? WHY??? There was also stuff about Moana, the new animated movie set in the South Pacific and, oh man, I am so excited for that movie. THE ROCK. how is he so amazing?

in possibly exciting personal news, I'm in this meetup group for girl geeks, and one of the things we do is a monthly comic book club. yesterday, one of the girls who regularly goes to that messaged me and asked if I wanted to hangout sometime and. I did (am still doing) that thing of 'wait is this? is she? are we?' that I seem to excel at, but I said yes and she gave me her number so. IS THIS A THING? IS SHE BEING FRIENDLY OR IS SHE BEING INTERESTED? PANIC PANIC PANIC.
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I come back to you, LJ, and you repay me by breaking my layout? That's not buddies. That's not buddies at all.
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hanging out with my sister tonight and I was showing her some of my art and I showed her the one with Bull knitting Dorian scarves and sweaters and she was all, “This reminds me of that nsync fic you loved,” and I was all, “…what?” and she was all “That fic! Where one of them wears a ratty shirt all the time and somebody finally asks him about and he was all ‘My boyfriend gave it to me’“ and. I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT. It was Joey/JC, I think, but I can’t remember who wrote it but, you guys. My *sister* fucking remembered that fic. anyone else remember it? Pet?
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IT'S SO HOT UGH UGH UGH. I keep wanting to post about stuff, but I get home and just lay in front of my fan and do nothing. I have art to finish but. HOT. I might actually give in and buy an air conditioner since it's supposed to be like this until next week. ugh. or maybe just another fan. I'm not sure, though, if the wiring in my apartment would be able to handle it. >:\

anyways, speaking of the apartment. I'm looking for a new roommate. If you guys know anyone looking for a place in NYC, please send them my CL ad.
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ok, making a list so I can organize myself.

art what needs done

  • MCU POC - lineart done, needs coloring

  • big Wincon commission - minor figures and background needs to be painted

  • small Wincon commission #1 - sketch out ideas

  • other Wincon commissions - contact peeps for what they want

  • Adoribull MiniBang - claims are on Sunday

  • kiss meme - have one more request to finish

and then, once the necessary stuff is out of the way, I think I'm gonna try one of those color palette challenges again. I also have a 30-day NSFW OTP challenge saved, but my track record with 30-day challenges isn't good.

I also wish I could write again. I did manage something for Yuletide, and I've had ideas - some of them really awesome - but nothing that's pushed me to write. Once the minibang is properly underway, I'm thinking of running one of those 24-hour porn challenges for Dorian/Bull, a la [ profile] stop_drop_porn. Not sure how well that'll work on tumblr, but I think it should be fine. I already have a tumblr claimed for it. :D

I really need to update my icons, but. lazy.
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I'm guessing the fact that it's dead at work (hello, off-season!) is the reason I decided to max out my schedule this week. Kickboxing followed by Jeerleader rehearsal Monday and last night. Tuesday I had my pick-up game that ended up running an extra half-hour, which eventually turned into me having a 15-minute shift because everyone left. Tonight I'm going to a Harry Potter burlesque show, then tomorrow I have my first game with the summer league I joined. Kinda nervous about that one because it'll be my first time playing organized hockey. I also forgot that I'll need shoulder pads, so I have to borrow my friend's, who's about half my size. so we'll see how that works out.

at least I have no solid plans for this weekend. I think I'm going to see Inside Out on Saturday, and then do my laundry. I also need to start finish my Marvel POC Exchange art, and I have a bunch of art requests over on tumblr I need to finish. PLUS I'm running a Dorian/Iron Bull mini-bang, and rough drafts are due next week, so I need to get organized for that. SIGH. I should've recruited a co-mod. ah well.

Last night I finished the Crossroads trilogy I spoke about earlier. It was...unsatisfactory. Three books, and there were way too many characters running in and out of the plot, and way too much going on. I got to the end of the third book and was so annoyed, both by things that had happened, and things that should've happened and didn't. in case any of you get around to reading these and want to avoid spoilers )
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YAH!!! My roundtable submission for Wincon has been accepted! It's going to be about Dragon Age, so I'm pretty super excited for it. note to self: make a Dragon Age icon. I'm pretty excited, too, about Wincon this year, even though it's in Pittsburgh which. pthbbbbbbbbt. I may end up wearing Rangers jerseys the entire time I'm there.

Who else is going? :D

another note to self: book the goddamn hotel room.
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Yesterday, I marched in the Pride Parade for the first time, with GGRD. It was fun, but OMG EXHAUSTING. I got to our starting point around 11:30, and we didn't start moving until a little after three. I'm so glad I took today off. Here are some videos of the skaters here, and some pictures of me under the cut.

yay pride! )

A good time, but I did kind of miss actually *seeing* the Parade, especially with Ian McKellan being one of the Grand Marshals. I might skip out on marching next year and just do the Mermaid Parade.
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I'm currently working on the big commission that was offered as part of the Wincon fundraising, and man. MAN. The person was very lovely and gave me pretty much free rein on what to draw, which of course means I decided to do something HUGE and in a style I've never done before and I kinda want to punch myself in the face.

sneak preview! )

obvs this is just a tiny bit of the painting - because, yes, I decided to paint it. Digitally, but still. I'm trying to go for the look of the title cards, but I keep getting overwhelmed by it. This is why I should stick to only drawing line art.

in other art news, I completely forgot that I had signed up for a Marvel POC fest. The person I got was basically, 'I want anything of anyone.' SO! If any of you have an idea for me to draw, please feel free to share it with me.

(oh man, my icons. MY ICONS. I haven't looked through them in so long.)
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- Yesterday was the Mermaid Parade and the GGRD Jeerleaders marched in it for the second year. or, some of us marched, and some of us skated because we're awesome like that. I really like marching in it, but it kind of sucks in a way because you don't get to see everyone else. GGRD is also planning on being in the Pride Parade, so if you're going, keep an eye out for me!

some pictures )

- went on a date today and. meh. She was nice enough, but it was kind of like pulling teeth to talk. also, one of the only things she did open up about was how much she's into being healthy and healthy things and healthy lifestyle. meh. MEH.

- has anyone read the Crossroads trilogy by Kate Elliott? I started because I really liked her Spiritwalker trilogy (has anyone read those? come talk to me about how perfect Aldis Hodge would be as Andevai) and I just finished the second book. The first one was so...not really *difficult* to get through, but there were long stretched where I questioned why I was still reading. Not because it was poorly written or boring, but just because I had no idea where the book was going. It's like, there were a million different stories going on and for some reason they were jammed together in one book. The second one is kind of the same, but a) I'm more used to it now; and b) it is a bit more cohesive. (also, one of the things I love about her books is that white is not the default. Her stories are filled to the brim with characters of color.)

- a couple of months ago I signed up for one of those meal delivery plan things, and I kind of love it. or, less meal delivery and more pre-measured ingredients to cook meals plan. It's called Blue Apron, and if anyone wanted to try it out, I have invites for a free week (either for 3 2-person meals or 2 family-sized meals.) I don't get anything if you sign up, so this isn't some schtick. The regular price is $60/week, which may or may not be more cost efficient for you. It works for me because I only have myself to cook for, which basically meant I never cooked because I was constantly throwing stuff out because I never got around to it. So I was spending a ton of money on take-out. Plus, this has gotten me to try a bunch of stuff I never would have before - who knew I actually liked asparagus? anyways, if you're interested, msg me your email.
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I really miss the interactions I used to have on LJ. Tumblr is fun and all, but it sucks so much for communicating with people and having conversations. Not just about fandomy stuff, but actually getting to know people. SO. I've never stopped reading my flist over here, but I'm gonna try to post some more myself. Just to quickly catch up:

- I've done a lot of art over the past year, all posted on tumblr.

- note about tumblr: I'm suuuuuuuuper picky about what shows up on my dash and have a blacklist about 5000 miles long. I'm trying to follow more people, but I won't follow anyone who doesn't use tags (or, who only uses tags as commentary and not in any way useful to me.) but if you're over there, gimme a holler.

- my newest obsession fandom is Dragon Age. I love all the games, but Dragon Age 2 is probably my favorite. I get all the criticism about it buuuuuuut...whatever. It's the best. Also DA:I, and yes, I am all about Dorian/Iron Bull.

- like everyone else, Mad Max:Fury Road is my new favorite movie.

- Have been binging on Netflix shows. OITNB, of course, and also Sense8 and Grace and Frankie. Anyone else watching any of those? I might post properly about them later., it's weird trying to post again.

i also really missed my Tom Waits mood theme. :X
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hey, is anyone still around here? Just in case...Wincon is sooooooo close to reaching their fundraising goal. But if they don't raise around $3,285 in the next day and a half, Wincon will be gone forever, which would suck so much. That’s why I’m donating $25 to them for each commission of mine picked from their fundraising page. Two characters, any rating, any style, any fandom. YES, ANY FANDOM, even the ones I don’t care for. Help me help this awesome con from going away forever!
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hello LJ, I am currently losing my mind over a nerdy and adorable Scottish scientist and his buff yet brilliant mechanic boyfriend. Send help in the form of 100k+ word fics.
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HEY! Have you donated yet to help keep Wincon going? I'm offering up small commissions at $50 each to help raise funds for it. Or, if you think my art sucks, there are SO MANY other perks you can choose from. Or you can just give money! The fundraiser ends in a month and we still have a long way to go. Even if you're not able to donate, please help by spreading the word.
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Originally posted by [ profile] sophie_448 at Wincon 2015 - Indiego - go - go!


What is Wincon exactly?

Wincon is a multi-fandom con that is super awesome and tons of fun! We've been going strong since 2006, visiting a different city every year and spreading the fandom love across the US.

We started out as a Supernatural con, but we've been multi-fandom since 2010. And we do mean multi-fandom. TV, movies, RPF, other ... all fandoms are welcome!

We have great panels, round tables, and workshops, an amazing dance party we like to call Winprom, and, of course, super amazing fans in attendance!

Check out our website and fanlore page for more info on us and our history.

So what do you need?

We need your support! Do you love Wincon and want it to stick around? Never heard of Wincon before but it sounds pretty awesome? Come visit our Indiegogo page! Buy your 2015 registration and/or another awesome perk to help us meet our goal.

Here's the bottom line. Unless we meet our goal and grow our con to about 250-300 attendees, Wincon just isn't sustainable. We believe that Wincon is a unique con that's worth preserving. We hope you do too.

Right, but what's in it for me?

I'm so glad you asked, friend! We have some AH-MAZING perks for you if you help us out.

Obviously, you can purchase your registration in advance - with or without your prom ticket, with or without shiny extra swag. The choice is yours!

Some fantastic artists have contributed to our campaign as well.

Aggybird, Cathybites, Daunt, Ordinaryink, and Spaggel have each drawn a custom Wincon Hero. You can get their fantastic art as postcards, buttons, a poster, or all three!

We also have artists and creators offering commissions, special donations, and more! Check out our perks to see the details.

Basically Wincon is the greatest thing to ever happen. And you totally want to be a part of that. Right? Right!

So come on over to OUR INDIEGOGO PAGE and get involved today!

And please, please, PLEASE spread the word!
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Dear Yuletide Author:

Sorry for the lateness! There were some details in my signup, but I thought it would be good to give a bit more for you to work with.

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Please consider joining [ profile] hpreunionteam to help with planning. More members are needed! See this post for more information.

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